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5 Ways to Play with Our Range of Foam Climbers

5 Ways to Play with Our Range of Foam Climbers

Imagine and Play With Our Range of Foam Climbers

Ignite Your Little One’s Imagination and Discover more ways to play using our soft play sets.

Explore A Balancing Tower

Children can use the pieces safely to explore balancing different shapes, gravity and cause and effect.

Create an Obstacle Course

A great way for children to use critical thinking, balance and coordination.

Construct a Cubby House

Using imaginative play, children can create a safe space, or transport themselves to other worlds.

The Floor is Lava

The floor is lava game can encourage dynamic movements, problem solving and imagination.


Tag us over at @playplanetkids Instagram, we’d love to see and share your little one’s ways-to-play!


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